The mission of Rise Up Now is to help people become conquerors of poverty through Jesus Christ. We believe that the answer to poverty does not lie in the hands of human government or human institutions, but in the hands of The Church as God intended. As such, we are committed to partnering with The Church worldwide to address domestic and global poverty.

The Rise Up Now organization operates by a distinctive biblical worldview. We believe that God and his Son Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Bible, is the framework from which we view reality. It is how we make sense of life and the world, and is the driving force behind every emotion, decision and action.

We believe the Bible is a Grand Narrative that starts with the beginning of all things and culminates with the end of all things. All people live within the story of the Grand Narrative.

We believe the Bible transcends cultural trends and realities because the Bible is the context of all cultures and affects our response to every area of life. We believe the Bible demands that followers of Christ engage culture in an attempt to understand it, confront it, and contribute to it.

We believe the Bible explains the profound goodness and the profound evil that is found in the world and the human heart, and is the basis by which we identify and address poverty.

The Bible anchors morality in God himself; as such we live in a world that was designed by a Creator with moral norms that flow from God’s character and are expressed in his design for his Creation.


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